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Stephen Chelbay Company is an independent agency providing personalized insurance advice since 1946 and was administering premium billing, eligibility, pension and claims processing until 1971 when it was legally required to form a separate corporation for plan administration.
We build relationships by guiding clients through the complexities of choosing the right insurance coverage. We take your inquiries, answer your questions, present alternatives, and find you the best packages.


Deliver personal and business insurance coverage with personalized service, honest advice, and a commitment to help customers make decisions that protect the things they value most.


Grow into new markets with expanded services and customized, competitive insurance offerings for business and personal needs.

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Stephen Chelbay Co., has been providing insurance service for more than 35 years! Service is of the utmost importance to us and is evident by our long-standing relationship with our clients. We are a full service agency and provide for all lines of insurance.